Previous Wine Tours

I organised my first wine tour in 1998, taking a group of organic wine supplier Vintage Roots’ customers to Bordeaux and Bergerac. In 2001 I set up Tim Syrad Wine Tours, taking a group to Champagne that year.  
Clients recommended me to their friends, and the numbers coming each year grew – since 2001 I have escorted nearly 500 people on over 110 tours to most of the major wine regions in the world.  Click on the images of the regions I have visited in previous years to find out more about what my tours are like.

If you are interested in coming on a tour, please take a look at where I am going next – I hope one of them takes your interest!

Tim Syrad Wine Tours History

Southern Burgundy 2022
Austria 2022
Greece 2022
Douro Valley 2022
Australia 2019
Bordeaux 2019
Ribera del Duero, Rueda, Toro and Cigales 2019
Galicia 2019
Breganze wine tour
Friuli-Venezia 2019
Piedmont Wine Tour
Piedmont 2018
Golden Triangle 2018
Jerez wine tour
Jerez 2018
Ribera del Duero 2018
Slovenia 2018
Sicily-Wine-Tour 2018
Sicily 2018
Provence 2018
South Africa wine tour 2017
South Africa 2017
Languedoc Wine Tour Mayrac Couiza
Languedoc 2017
Bordeaux wine tour Ch dYquem
Bordeaux 2017
Piedmont 2017
Sicily wine tour 2017
Sicily 2017
Slovenia wine tour 2017
Slovenia 2017
Tuscany wine tour 2017
Tuscany 2017
rioja wine tour 2017
Rioja 2017
Alsace wine tour
Alsace 2016
Oregon wine tour
Oregon 2016
California wine tour
California 2016
Burgundy wine tour
Burgundy 2016
Germany wine tour Mosel vineyard
Germany 2016
portugal wine tour
Portugal 2016
wine tours Italy
Piedmont 2016
Puglia wine tour Trulli
Puglia 2016
Argentina 2015
Chile wine tour 2015
Chile 2015
2015 - Umbria wine tour
Umbria 2015
Catalunya 2014
New Zealand Wine Tour 2014
New Zealand 2014
wine tours France Rhone
Rhone Valley 2013
Valladolid wine tour 2012
Valladolid 2012
Argentina Wine Tour 2011
Argentina 2011
Languedoc wine tour 2011
Languedoc 2011
Verona wine tour 2010
Verona 2010
wine tours to france - alsace wine tour
Alsace 2009
wine tour south africa
South Africa 2008
portugal wine tour
Portugal 2007
Tim Syrad Wine Tours
Piedmont 2006
Rioja wine tour
Rioja 2005
Tuscany Wine Tour 2005
Tuscany 2005
Tuscany 2004
Bordeaux wine tour 2003
Bordeaux 2003
Burgundy wine tour 2002
Burgundy 2002
champagne wine tour 2001
Champagne 2001