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I am just recently back from my final recce trip to North East Italy and am really looking forward to the first tour in April. The main purpose of this trip was to hone in on some key aspects of the tour and finalise the routes and lunches. Prosecco will feature strongly on one day…(Read More)

Deal or No Deal?


As I am sure you can imagine, I am taking an acute interest in the current debate about Brexit, and keeping myself informed on what the travel industry expects the impact on tours like mine would be in the event of No Deal.   In summary, if we ‘crash out’ there is no reason why…(Read More)

Taking a break from working out what Brexit, deal or no deal, means for us in 2019, I thought I would indulge myself in some happy memories of our 2018 tours (and puddings). Our tour season started in Provence in April, and we enjoyed superb weather as we explored the amazing diversity of wines this…(Read More)

The final leg of my Australia reconnaissance trip took me from Melbourne to Perth – a four hour flight which puts into perspective just how big this country is. From Perth it is a leisurely three hour drive south to Margaret River – particularly if you take in the ocean view roads. Once again, this…(Read More)

My second day in Victoria was busy! The task in hand was to visit both the Mornington Peninsula and Yarra Valley. These are the two iconic wine regions of Victoria that have been getting a lot of coverage for the past few years particularly because of their cooler climate styles and high quality. About an…(Read More)

Victoria recce commences


Having arrived in Melbourne, I see the enormous contrast between genteel Adelaide and the massive urban sprawl of the capital of Victoria. My first day of reconnaissance took me south west of Melbourne to the Geelong area. Not so well known as the Yarra Valley and fashionable Mornington Peninsula, but very much a part of…(Read More)

My final day around Adelaide took me to the closest wine region to the city – the Adelaide Hills. It is not until you are visit a region that you truly understand the significance of certain features and the contrasts with other areas. The Adelaide Hills were very different to Clare, Barossa and Mclaren Vale.…(Read More)

McLaren Vale recce


On Sunday I took a trip south of Adelaide to the acclaimed Mclaren Vale. My body clock is still adjusting so after the 40 minute drive, I was in situ – albeit at 7.30am! Having found a coffee, admired the sea and the beach and driven around the whole area at least twice I managed…(Read More)

The first full day of my reconnaissance trip to Australia has been action packed as I endeavoured to cover the famous Barossa Valley as well as the slightly less well known Clare Valley. With my body clock still on UK time I was wide awake a good four hours before conventional breakfast time so set…(Read More)

I am in Adelaide for the beginning of a hectic reconnaissance trip which will cover all the wine regions we will be visiting in November 2019. For the next three days I will be scouring the famous valleys – Barossa, Clare and Eden; heading south towards McLaren Vale and the lesser known Fleurieu Peninsula, Currency…(Read More)