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It’s taken a while but I’ve finally managed to write this blog about the reconnaissance trip I made in October for my 2018 Provence wine tours. Decades of TV series have educated us on how stunning the landscape is. Forests, hills, picturesque villages and beautiful manicured and more rustic vineyards – it is the…(Read More)

Blown away by Sherry


I’m ashamed to admit that despite 27 years in the wine industry I had never visited the Jerez wine region. This has now been corrected and I can’t express enough the pleasure I have derived from seeing at first hand at seeing this historic place. I’m acutely aware of the image that…(Read More)

Rhone Wine Tour report


In 2013 I ran five tours to the Rhone Valley. On each tour we got straight down to business from Lyon Airport. A 45 minute drive took us to the to small village of Ampuis, home to some of the biggest names of the Northern Rhone. En route we enjoyed spectacular scenery, witnessing first hand…(Read More)

I always refer to this tour as our ‘Verona’ tour, although the place is more famous for Shakespearean references than wine! It is however in the centre of the Veneto, which has some of Italy’s most interesting wine regions – Soave, Valpolicella and Bardolino, which may not have the prestige of Chianti or Barolo, but…(Read More)

In Spring 2014 I ran six tours to Catalonia, taking over 70 people across the tours. Flying in to Barcelona Airport I don’t think anyone expected the exceptional quality and diversity this relatively unknown region had to offer. We stayed in a lovely hotel, La Niña, overlooking the sea in the picturesque town…(Read More)

Chile Wine Tour Report


In November 2015 I ran two wine tours to Chile (and one to Argentina – read that tour report here). I had last visited Chile in 1998 when the infrastructure (particularly roads) was in urgent need of improvement and the cuisine left a lot to be desired – having lived on what felt like a…(Read More)

Tim Syrad Chile & Argentina wine tours

Having run two tours in 2011, it was great to visit Mendoza again and update ourselves on the wines produced around Mendoza and in the Uco Valley. The political and financial situation has created a few issues in Argentina to say the least and despite a sound wine economy, inflation has made exports less competitive…(Read More)

In Spring 2015 I ran seven tours to Umbria and Southern Tuscany. We last visited Tuscany in 2005, but rather than repeat that tour I was keen to go over the regional border into Umbria to discover more about the wines of Montefalco and Torgiano. Umbria is half way between Rome and Florence. Its most…(Read More)

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Puglia Wine Tour Report


In Spring 2016 I took four groups of wine lovers on tour to Puglia. We were based in Lecce, a gloriously beautiful Greco Roman town, from which we ventured each day to explore different areas. Both tours commenced on Wednesday evening, with a dinner the stylish Osteria degli Spiriti, and ended with a truly amazing…(Read More)

portugal wine tour

In May 2016 my Portugal Wine Tour, based in Oporto, took us up the Douro Valley, south to the Dāo region and north to the Minho. Up the Douro Valley by train Following a welcome dinner at the Aurora restaurant in Porto on the previous night, on Thursday we took the train east and…(Read More)