What My Clients Say

I am so proud that many of my clients come back on tour with me every year.  More than 50 of my clients have been on at least ten tours with me, and over 100 have been on more than five tours.  Find out what they think and say!


Burgundy 2016 Tour, Lunch at Comte Senard

Germany 2016 Tour 2 (visit to Leitz in the Rheingau)

Piedmont 2016 (in the tasting room at GD Vajra)

Puglia 2016 Tour 2 (at I Pastini with Gianni Carparelli)

Puglia 2016 Tour 3 (Group at Castello Monaci)

Puglia 2016 Tour 1 (with Mark Shannon at Masseria Mansueto)

Paula Fox, Henley
“Super visits, very interesting people and fantastic lunches. What a spectacular last night”

Tasting lunch South Africa 2008

Portugal 2016 (at Quinta das Esconmoeiras)

Group 7, 2015 Umbria Tour

Winery tasting at Cantine Cenci, Umbria

Group in Languedoc 2011

Vineyard visit in Languedoc 2011

Pukeora tasting New Zealand 2014

Wild Earth tasting New Zealand 2014

Valli tasting New Zealand 2014

Winery visit Catalonia 2014

Clos Lentiscus visit Catalonia 2014

Vineyard visit Catalonia 2014

Upper Douro visit Portugal 2007

“Each tour brings its own range of wonderful memories. For instance, what could be nicer than being served delicious wines made from the vines which surround you using an oak barrel as a table, with magnificent views of the Pyrenees. Or discussing the 1961 vintage of Barolo, in the village of the same name, with the man who had picked the grapes and then tasting that wine.”
– Mick and Helen Moore, Blewbury

“Always memorable, we’ve met some characters, clambered over hillsides to admire the ‘terroir’ of stones and weeds, gone into deep cellars to learn how the grapes become the stunning wines we get to taste, and come away with an in depth appreciation of the wines and food pairings of each region we visit.”
– Ros, Reading

“Tim’s preparation beforehand is meticulous so that travel arrangements, choice of hotel and range of visits have been of high quality. The biggest plus is Tim’s own skill as host and guide, leading without being bossy whilst encouraging the group to be focused, exuding infectious good cheer and a wonderful line in throw-away humour. Warmly recommended.”
– Alun Hughes, Goring

“I would like to thank you for a most enjoyable trip to Umbria!
Wine, food and company could not have been better. Already looking forward to my next trip.”
– Angela Finch, Goring