Wine Tours to Spain

Wine Tours to Spain

The secret of success in visiting Spanish winemakers is to get the balance right between the big companies and the small and innovative producers.  Famous names such as Riscal in Rioja offer the opportunity to marvel at the scale at which quality wine making can be achieved, and to understand the long and glorious history of Spanish winemaking.  Smaller family producers are at the forefront of innovation, and can bring more personal insights to the wines of this wonderful country.  You can find out more about the tours I am running and have run by clicking on the highlighted names below.

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In 2023 we visit  Rioja, where we first toured in 2005, and again in 2017.

In 2019 we visited Galicia, and returned to Ribera del Duero, Rueda, Toro and Cigales – following the success of my tour in 2018.  In Autumn 2018 I ran two very successful tours to Jerez.  In 2014 we visited Catalonia (including Penedes and Priorat).


Read about my tours to Galicia in 2019

My three tours to Galicia in 2019 were a great success.  We were based in two locations: Cambados in Rias Baixas for the first two nights, and Monforte de Lemos in Ribeiro for the final two nights, and enjoyed a mix of weather, but were never short of warm Galician hospitality.

We visited wineries in Rias Baixas, Ribera Sacra and Ribeiro.  The Bierzo region may be administratively part of Castilla y Léon, but vinously it is far more closely aligned to the Galician regions we visited.  So it made sense to include it on these tours – wine commentators around the world have become very excited by this area and our experience at Bodegas Pittacum showed why.

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