Looking from Roero Hills towards the alps

Piedmont tour visits the Roero Hills

How lovely to awaken to the aromas of chocolate. Our hotel is next door to the Ferrero factory, which starts producing in the early hours of the morning. 

An early start, and a half hour drive to the village of Canale, home of Marco Porello wines, where we collected Ezio Porello and drove up into the hills.  Amid vines clinging to slopes as steep as we had seen in the Moselle last year, we were treated to stunning views, north across the Roero Hills with the Alps in the distance. We learnt about the Roero’s sandy soil which makes for more open approachable red wines, the cooling effect of altitude and breezes which creates conditions for great aromatic whites, and tasted some Nebbiolo grapes which were about to be harvested and were incredibly sweet if a bit chewy!

We returned to the winery, where crates were being washed and Barbera grapes were fermenting, and enjoyed a fantastic tasting supervised by Ezio and his aunt, Signora Porello. Her son, Marco, dropped in briefly and despite clearly having harvest on his mind made us feel very welcome.

Our tasting line-up was

Langhe Favorita 2016
Roero Arneis 2016
Barbera Mommiano 2016
Nebbiolo D’Alba 2015
Moscato D’Asti 2016

The whites had great acidity and minerality, while the reds were drinking beautifully despite their youth.  We toasted this lovely, generous family with Asti and headed back up into the hills to Guarene where we had a wonderful lunch, with Porello wines, at Albergo Miralanghe which did indeed have a panoramic view of the Langhe hills.