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Final day of Galicia Wine Tour 2


Our final visit and lunch on Sunday was a superb occasion.

Our destination was Pazo de Toubes, a tiny estate in Ribeiro that was acquired by Viña Costeira a decade ago and one which has been heavily invested in to restore the amazing buildings and vineyards.

Export director Cornelia Proca was a very engaging host who delivered a lot of key information as we stood entranced by the beauty of the surrounding vineyards. Pazo de Toubes is an opportunity to develop a high quality, low production brand that will sit alongside their bigger volume wines.

We stood and tasted through five contrasting wines which once again illustrated the quality of Galician wines. It was only a matter of time before huge quantities of delicious cheeses, meats, salads, prawns and salmon, croquetas started to appear, and despite the colossal quantities we have already eaten on tour this week, everyone gave the impression they were starving!

The sun shone, the location was idyllic – this was a super end to our tour.