Wine Tours to France

Wine tours to France are, understandably, always popular with our clients. The combination of high quality wines, beautiful vineyards, an unrivalled wine producing tradition and wonderful French cuisine make for an unforgettable experience.  You can find out more about the tours I run to France by clicking on the highlighted names, to read about upcoming tours or the reports of previous tours.

Burgundy wine tour

In 2022 I am running tours to Southern Burgundy, focusing on the Cote Châlonnaise, the Mâconnais and Beaujolais.  

I have run tours to Bordeaux in 2019, 2017 and 2003.  In 2018 we visited Provence and explored the famous Golden Triangle (Champagne, Chablis and Sancerre).  In2017 I ran a tour of organic and biodynamic wine makers in the Languedoc, a region we also visited in 2011. We visited Alsace in 2016 (and 2009), Burgundy in 2016 (and 2002), the Rhone Valley (2013) and Champagne (2001).

Find out about my Bordeaux Wine Tour in 2017

Our visit to Bordeaux in September was a revelation! This might seem a surprising statement about such a famous region but the level of access we enjoyed to the very hearts of top estates was extraordinary, giving us a depth of insight into the beginning of the life of a wine that I think none of us was expecting.

Bordeaux wine tour Ch dYquemThe visit to Yquem was nothing short of extraordinary. We were lucky enough to not only witness the grapes arriving, but also to taste the hallowed, botrytised grapes themselves. Call me geeky, but I can’t express the excitement adequately – a truly momentous occasion in my wine life!

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