Tim Syrad Wine Tours has run tours to almost all of the major wine regions in Europe, and many in the New World. My tours are fun and informative, and we really get to know the people who make the wine and tend the vines.  Every year we visit new wine regions, and return to some old favourites.  All the wine regions we have visited and currently plan to visit are listed below, click on the highlighted name to read about an upcoming tour, or the report of a previous one.


In 2024 I am running tours to the eastern and central areas of the Loire Valley, visiting regions such as Muscadet, Savennières, Coteaux du Layon, Chinon and Vouvray.

In 2023 we returned to Southern Burgundy, focusing on the Cote Châlonnaise, the Mâconnais and Beaujolais, following the success of the three tours I ran in 2022.  We also visited the Southern Rhone Valley, and Alsace
I ran tours to Bordeaux in 2019, 2017 and 2003.  In 2018 we visited Provence and explored the famous Golden Triangle (Champagne, Chablis and Sancerre).  In 2017 I ran a tour of organic and biodynamic wine makers in theLanguedoc, a region we also visited in 2011. We previously visited Alsace in 2016 and 2009, Burgundy in 2016 and 2002, and the Rhone Valley in 2013. In 2025 we will celebrate the 25th year of Tim Syrad Wine Tours with some very special tours of Champagne, our very first destination in 2021.


In 2024 I am running tours in the Spring and Autumn to Eastern Sicily, home to Etna. We previously visited western Sicily in 2017 and 2018.

Piedmont is one of the most popular destinations I visit, and is home to one of my favourite wine families, Marenco – do look at the video.  We ran three tours to Piedmont in 2023, which we have previously visited in 2018, 2016 and 2006 – do read about my previous Piedmont tours.

In 2019 I ran two tours to Friuli-Venezia Giulia, a true ‘jewel in the crown’ of Italy.  In 2017 I ran a tour to Tuscany, which we had previously visited in 2004 and 2005.  In 2016 we visited Puglia, in the heel of Italy, and in  2015 we visited Umbria.  In 2010 we visited Verona, from where we explored the Veneto and Valpolicella.


In 2024 I am running tours to Ribera del Duero, Rueda, Toro and Cigales, following my hugely popular tours in 2018 and 2019.

In 2023 we visited  Rioja, where we first toured in 2005, and again in 2017.

In 2019 we visited Galicia, in Autumn 2018 I ran two very successful tours to Jerez while in 2014 we visited Catalonia (including Penedes and Priorat).


In 2024 I am running tours in the Spring and Autumn to the Alentjeo, one of the most exciting and fast developing regions in Portugal.

Following the success of my September 2021 harvest tour, I ran three tours to the Douro Valley in 2022.  On our tour in May 2016 we stayed in the historic city of Porto and from there we explored the white wines of the Minho, the unsung heroes of Dão and Bairrada and the fabulous wines of all types to be found in the Douro Valley. I first ran tours to Portugal in 2007.


In 2023 I ran four wine tours to Greece, based in Napflio in the Peloponese.  This follows the success of our tours in 2022, where we focused on key wine growing areas such as Nemea, Mantinia and Achaia. I plan to return to other areas of Greece in the near future – it is without doubt one of the most exciting wine growing countries in the world.


In May 2022 I ran my first ever tour to Austria.  Based in Vienna we explored famous areas such as  Kamptal,  discovered the sweet wines from Neusiedlersee and enjoyed sublime fresh white wines in Styria.


We returned to Germany in 2023, visiting the hugely exciting Baden region, part of our Alsace and Baden wine tour.

On my tours in July 2016 we explored the diversity, quality and versatility of wines from the Mosel, Nahe, Pfalz and Rheingau.  We also discovered some fabulous German cuisine, and that there is a lot more to Germany than just Riesling.


In Spring 2018 we revisited Slovenia following the success of my 2017 tour, exploring the Šentilj hills in the East, the Primorje region on the Italian border in the West and visiting fantastic producers such as Doppler, Ducal, Simčič, Sutor, Jamsek and Istenic – one of the top sparkling producers in Europe.


In November 2019 we visited Australia for the first time – a long awaited destination, with specific modules to Western Australia, based in Margaret River; South Australia, based in Adelaide; and Victoria, based in Melbourne.

South Africa

In November 2017 I ran two tours to South Africa, the destination of my first long haul tour in 2008.


In 2016 I ran tours to California and Oregon.  Our California tour took us off the tourist track, visiting predominantly small, boutique, family owned estates and contrasting them with larger producers. In Oregon we tasted the same grape varieties in California, plus some surprising others, and explored the impact of the cooler climate, maritime influence and soil type.

South America

I am running tours to Uruguay, Chile and Argentina in 2024 and 2025.

I first took groups to Argentina in 2011, and in 2015 I ran tours to Argentina and Chile  – please read the tour reports to find out more. Both countries are producing some spectacular wines and we saw at first hand how vibrant and exciting these wine producing nations are.

New Zealand

I ran tours to New Zealand in 2014. Please read the tour report to find out about our adventures down under. I plan to return in 2026.