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Click here to read what my clients said about this tour In Spring 2015 I ran seven tours to Umbria and Southern Tuscany. We last visited Tuscany in 2005, but rather than repeat that tour I was keen to go over the regional border into Umbria to discover more about the wines of Montefalco and…(Read More)

Having now finished seven tours to Umbria over the last two months I have time to reflect on the exciting discoveries we have made in this relatively unknown wine region. By Italian wine production standards, Umbria is the fifth smallest region and given that it sits in the shadow of famous Tuscany, it is an…(Read More)

I am writing this on one of the roof terraces of La Fortuna Hotel, it’s nearly dark but the mountains are lit up occasionally by spectacular bolts of lightning.  So far very little rain has fallen on me, and the thunder feels distant. Last night, despite our spectacular tasting and lunch, most people managed…(Read More)

The blog for this tour is written by Fliss, Tim’s wife. Having heard lovely things about five previous tours, and seen many photos, it was great to experience the sights, sounds and flavours of Umbria at last!  I’m writing a detailed blog, so people who have never been on tour get a fuller…(Read More)

  One of the most fascinating aspects of the tour has been the opportunity on our first day in wineries to taste different vintages of Sagrantino di Montefalco at Cantine Dionigi. The Sagrantino grape is very small and tannic and reflects the vagaries of the specific  weather conditions of any given year. Tasting 2007, 2004,…(Read More)

The customary huge Saturday beckoned as we kicked off with a visit to Giovanni at Cantina Cenci – just to the south of Perugia. Giovanni simply oozes passion and enthusiasm for his five hectares of vines – all the more frustrating that it was raining! So – into the cellar for a second breakfast of…(Read More)

After a good run of hot weather, it was our turn for rain – and yet the rolling hills of Tuscany still look amazing. The weather could not detract from the enthusiasm of Giulia Cecchele at Poggio San Polo as we surveyed the estate from the warmth of the Powerpoint presentation. The wines were as…(Read More)

Montefalco has become the famous wine area in Montefalco with the Sagrantino di Montefalco achieving DOCG status in 1992 – an incredibly fast transition from relative obscurity. The estates of Dionigi and Raina are great contrasts and allow us to compare two producers of Montefalco wines. Cantina Dionigi is a small estate making about 50,000…(Read More)

I am getting to know Rome’s Terminal 3 quite well at the moment and I feel the quintessence of Italy is represented in the Arrivals Hall and Food/Shopping area Dramatic emotion, tears, chaos……and that’s just waiting for your pasta course. A permanent sense of disorder seems to exist in the most…(Read More)