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Sicily wine tour 2017

Click here to read what my clients said about this tour Over three tours during Spring 2017 and two in Spring 2018 we enjoyed wonderful hospitality, a lot of laughter, the abundance and flavour of Sicilian food, and best of all discovered the range and quality of Sicilian wine. The tours commenced on Wednesday afternoon…(Read More)

Our final full day was an epic journey of different wines and a never ending flow of food.  The sun was shining early this morning as we headed out to the north of Marsala to Cantine Fina. This winery has the most amazing outlook onto the sea and the various islands just off the coast…(Read More)

Friday was our Planeta day. Without any doubt, Planeta are one of the most influential wineries in Sicily and have pioneered a range of international grape varieties and shown the wine world the potential the island has to offer. Situated around Lake Ulmo, the Planeta winery is situated near to Sambuca, about 90 minutes south…(Read More)

Sicily is a hugely important wine region – not only in the context of the Italian Wine industry but also as a significant contributor to worldwide production. Few people realise that Sicily makes almost as much wine as Australia in some years and yet receives far less coverage. Also integral to the Sicilian wine scene…(Read More)

Back in Sicily


It is a delight being back in Marsala for another Sicily tour. Our trip kicked off on Wednesday night with a terrific dinner at Casamia restaurant – literally a stone’s throw from the hotel door. Owner Giorgio Laudicio put on am amazing array of starters: salamis, chickpea and chestnut fritters, caponata made from a 300…(Read More)