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Puglia Wine Tour Report


Click here to read what my clients said about this tour In Spring 2016 I took four groups of wine lovers on tour to Puglia. We were based in Lecce, a gloriously beautiful Greco Roman town, from which we ventured each day to explore different areas. Both tours commenced on Wednesday evening, with a dinner…(Read More)

On Saturday we retraced our steps from Thursday as we returned to Manduria – the spiritual home of the Primitivo grape. I wanted to taste through a comprehensive selection of Primitivo – and we did just that at Cantine Soloperto. This family owned property pioneered the development of Primitivo in the early 70’s by bottling it…(Read More)

Puglia Tour 4


We are back in Puglia for our fourth and final trip and yet another fascinating voyage of discovery beckons. Having arrived in Bari on time, we got down to Lecce allowing us some free time to explore this incredibly historic city. From the old Roman amphitheatre to the Basilica Santa Croce, you can’t help…(Read More)

Tim had promised us an unusual end to the tour and he didn’t disappoint.  We were on the coach soon after 4pm, and headed back to Salento, where we had been on the first day, and after about half an hour we turned down a long drive shaded by trees on either side.  After…(Read More)

Our final day enabled us to taste the famous Dolce Naturale in the morning, and to enjoy the spectacular Castello Monaco in the evening.   Cantina Soloperto in Manduria was the first estate in Puglia to bottle its own wine and promote its own name. It has 50 hectares of its own grapes and buys…(Read More)

We started early at 8.15am, heading north, and enjoyed the sight of Ostuni in the distance, and then closer as we turned inland towards the Itrian Valley.  A more undulating landscape with smaller fields enclosed by dry stone walls.  So verdant it could have been the Peak District!  Unless of course any trulli came…(Read More)

We convened in the Patria Palace hotel in Lecce on Wednesday evening, the majority having arrived at Bari airport at midday and all of us exploring the beautiful baroque town of Lecce with its cream coloured stone carved into exquisite (and other) figures. En route to our dinner, we called in at a wine bar…(Read More)

Another glorious day in Lecce as we took a short hop out to the town of Monteroni di Lecce. The Apollonio winery was our destination and this is yet another estate that has embraced change and the current generation that took over in 1995 has had great success in creating a brand that is almost…(Read More)

Fabulous weather returned for us on Friday with warm sunshine and clear blue skies. Our destination was the Itrian Valley – a limestone depression to the south west of Bari that is gaining a great reputation for the production of high quality whites and sparkling wine. First stop was the Masseria Mansueto just to the south…(Read More)

An uncharacteristic cloudy day greeted us (the weather on all my tours so far this year has been exceptional). Our first full day took us west of Lecce towards Taranto. Our destination was the tiny boutique Morella winery run by husband and wife team, Lisa Gilbee and Gaetano Morella. Lisa is Australian and found herself…(Read More)