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Germany Wine Tour Report


Click here to read what my clients said about this tour In June and July 2016 I took two groups on tour to some of the wine regions of Germany. We were based in Wiesbaden, a picturesque spa city and an ideal base to explore a good number of different areas in a short time…(Read More)

We had a free morning on our final full day in Germany.  It was nice not to have an early start and to enjoy the huge array of breakfast at the Mercure hotel, and people explored the city, did some shopping, I’m not sure if anyone had a swim in the hotel pool. At…(Read More)

We drove from the Piesport to Bernkastel, along the Mosel river, vineyard spotting as we went.  Our destination was Dr Loosen, one of the most famous names in German wine. Marcus, our host, explained briefly the story of how Ernie, the son of the Doctor, had been given his dad’s hobby wine holdings because…(Read More)

Back on the road again at 8.30am, heading south for the Mosel.  A two hour drive, including a bit of traffic congestion, but the final 20 minutes off the autobahn took us through rolling wooded hills, and finally into the valley itself.  A patchwork of vineyards descended from the trees at the top of…(Read More)

It’s hard to believe we did it but yesterday afternoon we effortlessly transferred from one courtyard meal to another, and polished the second one off – despite declarations of repleteness as we left Schloss Vollrads. An hour or so’s drive afforded a power nap, and we found ourselves in Bissersheim, a pretty village just…(Read More)

We were on the road before 9am, and driving east on the north bank of the Rhine could see the impact of the unusually high rainfall – the Rhine seemed enormous, and was flowing through trees that clearly should have been on its banks.  Luckily for us we had beautiful weather and as we arrived…(Read More)

The final tour of our Spring programme has started, and it’s Fliss blogging again. We all zipped through super efficient Frankfurt airport, and arrived at our central Wiesbaden hotel in plenty of time to grab a sandwich/other before we headed out at 4.30 for a pre-dinner visit. Our destination was Henkell…(Read More)

The tour has been picking up pace from a relatively genteel start – culminating in what we might call Super Saturday. The beautiful Mosel Valley was our destination and this is perhaps the most famous of all the German wine regions. The scenery is stunning and the combination of perilously steep slopes, the devonian slate…(Read More)

A busier day beckoned as we headed south to the Pfalz. This is often described as a wine paradise. With 1800 sunshine hours and only moderate rainfall, it is the perfect location not only for vineyards but also for a wide range of other fruits and crops. Yesterday we were in the Rheingau which is…(Read More)

The historic Schloss Vollrads was our destination for Thursday. This amazing castle is steeped in history – tracing back its family origins over 27 generations. Winemaking has been recorded here since 1174. We were hosted by the very knowledgeable Walter who took us on a tour of some of the beautiful rooms of the Schloss…(Read More)